How do teya project born?

Taye not Teya, means leather in the Burmese language.


Burma is something like this country forever, without knowing exactly why you wanted to visit and once known can hardly forget. For the images that guards the country, the people, the places, the artisans who still produce everything by hand, … for all these reasons we think that something we should reflect Burma in this project.


Taye, leather in spanish, and misunderstood Teya; has been the result of this search, the word that collects and combines leather, craft and photography; the essence of our project.


The project


In TEYA PROJECT we are for leather, not only for its texture, durability, strength, possibilities and versatility; but also so that in itself represents.


Leather tells stories. The leather has that ability to attract and retain the timestoriesadventurestravelmoments, experiences and people encountered along the way.
Leather for us means legacy, heritage.


That is why we offer products from TEYA leather for photographers, who are part of their stories and adventures.


Our experience as portrait photographers and wedding we discovered the need to provide the user with reliable and durable for portability of cameras, objectives, batteries and flashes in situations of high mobility and stress tools. Always keeping a careful design and comfortable items but mostly with a point trendy and cool.