Manufacturing process


In TEYA PROJECT committed to the traditional methods of treating leather to give life to ecologically unique crafts and designs.


All our products are handmade in villages of Castilla La Mancha by local artisans who work every piece unique and individual way. That’s why the products have a more personal and natural touch, avoiding the impersonal and mechanical feel of the big producers.



The cowhide 100% vegetable tanning is Spanish. In the process plant extracts from plants such as “El Quebracho” or “La Mimosa” or subsequently subjecting the leather to craft greasing process consisting of skins give different layers of natural fats and olive oils are used. This is a key differentiation from hides manufactured by industrial production, giving the products a unique flexibility and texture in the sector.



We look for the source of raw materials and materials are as close as possible to our workshops, thus maintaining the cycle of design and production focused on Spain which brings a unique and genuine sign of identity for all our products.