Adi Cohen Zedek Photographer wrote to us asking in how many days he will receive one of our harness if he order it from Israel, because he had a wedding in Maldives and he need it for that time.

He order it on Monday and on Thursday he got it! Just in time for his incredible wedding in Maldives.

Want to see how it looks like to be in a session in Maldives from a drone?

You can follow his great work on his websiteFacebook and instagram.

Adi cohen zedek_teya project

Who is behind Babybelly Photography by Norma mi Sol?

Baby Belly is a photography that captures special moments during pregnancy, after childbirth, in the first years of life and in the family for eternity.

Was verbirgt sich hinter Babybelly Photography by Norma mi Sol?

Babybelly steht für eine Fotografie, die besondere Momente in der Schwangerschaft, nach der Geburt, in den ersten Lebensjahren und in der Familie für die Ewigkeit festhält.

Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project

How could you define your photographs style? What are the best moments you like to photograph?

My photographic style is basically classic, timeless and elegant. Working with pregnant women and newborns is a particularly big challenge and I love these challenges. My aim is in this pictures to unfold the inner and outer beauty of my young and adult models and capture this individually and timeless forever.

Especially during pregnancy Photography I work almost exclusively outdoors to put the pregnant women in the nature and / or stately building structures with her belly extravagant in scene. In the newborn photography, however is for me the essence of the child in the foreground so I keep myself greatly back with garish colors. Whereas my pregnancy and newborn photography often represents an arranged compilation of person, accessories and environment I am druther watching on the move in child and family photography and capture natural moments from distance.

Wie würdest du deinen fotografischen Stil beschreiben? Welche Momente fotografierst du am liebsten?

Mein fotografischer Stil, ist grundsätzlich klassisch, zeitlos und elegant. Die Arbeit mit Schwangeren und Neugeborenen stellt eine besonders große Herausforderung dar und ich liebe solche Herausforderungen. Mein Ziel ist es, die innere und äußere Schönheit meiner kleinen und großen Modelle, zu entfalten und sie individuell und zeitlos in Bildern zu bannen.

Gerade in der Schwangerschaftsfotografie arbeite ich fast ausschließlich im Freien, um die Schwangeren in der Natur und/ oder imposanten Gebäudestrukturen mit ihrem Bauch extravagant in Szene zu setzen. In der Neugeborenen-Fotografie hingegen steht für mich das Wesen des Kindes im Vordergrund, daher halte ich mich mit grellen Farben stark zurück. Während meine Schwangerschafts- und Neugeborenen-Fotografie oft eine arrangierte Zusammenstellung von Person, Accessoires und Umgebung darstellt, bin ich in der Kinder- und Familien eher beobachtend unterwegs und halte ungestellte Momente aus der Entfernung fest.

Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project

When did you become a professional photographer? Why did you want to become a photographer?

For many years I operated photography just as a hobby. I have always loved it, to paint with photos paintings which capture somebody’s imagination. My own earlier model experience helps me to put myself in the role of my customers in and to support them with natural posing. A pregnant girlfriend while first customer has eventually recommended me and so it happened that I got more and more pregnant clients and small newborns in front of my camera. Only in 2014 I decided to offer my services professionally. I do not regret a second.

Wann wurdest du professioneller Fotograf? Warum wurdest du Fotograf?

Viele Jahre habe ich Fotografie nur als Hobby betrieben. Ich habe es immer geliebt, mit Fotos Bilder zu malen, die einen in den Bann ziehen. Meine eigene frühere Modellerfahrung hilft mir dabei, mich in die Rolle meiner Kunden hinein zu versetzen und sie beim natürlichen Posing zu unterstützen. Eine schwangere Freundin und gleichzeitig erste Kundin hat mich irgendwann weiter empfohlen und so kam es, dass ich immer mehr schwangere Kunden und kleine Neugeborene vor die Kamera bekam. Erst 2014 habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, meine Dienste professionell anzubieten. Ich bereue keine Sekunde.

Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project

Which material do you usually use in your sessions?

My main instruments are my Sony Alpha’s 7R with various Carl Zeiss lenses. Because I am following a timeless style I am working in the newborn photography with high-quality natural materials and warm colors. I choose my suppliers for accessories therefore with deliberation. In pregnancy photography I let manufacture special dresses in USA which let every pregnant woman look classically gorgeous.

Welche Materialien verwendest du bei deinen Shootings?

Mein Hauptinstrument sind meine Sony Alpha´s 7R mit diversen Carl Zeiss Objektiven. Weil ich einen zeitlosen Stil verfolge, arbeite ich in der Neugeborenen Fotografie mit hochwertigen natürlichen Materialen und warmen Farben. Ich wähle meine Lieferanten für die Accessoires daher mit Bedacht. In der Schwangerschaftsfotografie lasse ich spezielle Kleider in Amerika anfertigen, die jede schwangere Frau wundervoll klassisch schön aussehen lassen.

Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project

As a working tool, how would you evaluate the Teya PROJECT harness

My harness of Teya gives me a completely new workflow in outdoor photography. Since I work a lot with fixed focal lengths I use two cameras. With my harness I have always on hand, I am complete flexible and do not miss any important photographic moments. The harness of Teya has 100 % fulfilled my high expectations of finest processing of natural materials in very high-quality.

Wie würdest du das Kamera-Geschirr von Teya PROJECT als Arbeitsmittel bewerten? 

Mein Kamera-Geschirr von Teya, verschafft mir einen ganz neuen Workflow in der Outdoor-Fotografie. Da ich viel mit Festbrennweiten arbeite, nutze ich zwei Kameras. Mit dem Geschirr habe ich sie immer zur Hand, bin absolut flexibel und verpasse keinen wichtigen fotografischen Moment. Das Geschirr von Teya Project hat meinen hohen Anspruch an feinste Verarbeitung von hochwertigem und natürlichen Materialien zu 100 % erfüllt.

Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project Babybell Photography & Teya project


Thank you Norma for sharing with us your work and user experience. You can follow her fantastic work at:






Who is Graciela Vilagudin? How would you define your photographic style?
I am Galician (from the northwest of Spain) and I have been living in Ireland for the last 9 years, but I love coming back to Spain to work. I am dedicated to wedding photography, and artistic female photography.
I define myself as an alternative photographer influenced by photojournalism and art photography, I like to capture emotions and feelings that surface at all times. I love the color and I am passionate about meeting new people and their stories.

Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin01 Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin12 Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin11 Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin05
When and how did you decide to jump into the photography world?
About eight years ago I began my adventure as a professional in the photography world . My first steps began with my own project of 52 weeks of self-portrait, since then I have not stopped to photograph. I have my portrait studio in Dublin. For a couple of years ago I made the leap to the wedding world and outdoor female portraits photography, which I love more and more everyday.

Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin04 Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin02 Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin08 Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin13
What do you like most about your job?
I feel very privileged to work on something that I love. And because a picture is worth more than a thousand words, being able to capture all the emotions and feelings that would never escape the memory motivates me to continue and want to improve every day.

Weddings_by Graciela Vilagudin24 Weddings_by Graciela Vilagudin22 Weddings_by Graciela Vilagudin21 Weddings_by Graciela Vilagudin20 Weddings_by Graciela Vilagudin19
You have recently been in Brazil teaching a photography course, what was the experience? What it was?
It has been an amazing experience, a dream come true. My first workshops and also internationally. I’ve been in 3 cities (Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) teaching courses on female portrait to photographers and how we can be able to activate our creativity.

Weddings_by Graciela Vilagudin14 Weddings_by Graciela Vilagudin15 Weddings_by Graciela Vilagudin18 Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin03 Portraits_by Graciela Vilagudin06
As a working tool, how do you evaluate the TEYA PROJECT harness? What would you highlight about it?
I feel very comfortable; to work at weddings is perfect. I work with fixed focal lenses, because to carry two cameras ready is very important to me to not miss a single detail. It is very resistant and is very “cool” 🙂

graciela vilagudin graciela vilagudin2


Podéis seguir su trabajo en su web, así como en facebook e instragram

Gracias Graciela por compartir con nosotros tu trabajo, te deseamos muchos éxitos :)