Graciela Vilagudin Photography, a galician girl in Dublin

Graciela Vilagudin Photography, a galician girl in Dublin

Who is Graciela Vilagudin? How would you define your photographic style?
I am Galician (from the northwest of Spain) and I have been living in Ireland for the last 9 years, but I love coming back to Spain to work. I am dedicated to wedding photography, and artistic female photography.
I define myself as an alternative photographer influenced by photojournalism and art photography, I like to capture emotions and feelings that surface at all times. I love the color and I am passionate about meeting new people and their stories.

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When and how did you decide to jump into the photography world?
About eight years ago I began my adventure as a professional in the photography world . My first steps began with my own project of 52 weeks of self-portrait, since then I have not stopped to photograph. I have my portrait studio in Dublin. For a couple of years ago I made the leap to the wedding world and outdoor female portraits photography, which I love more and more everyday.

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What do you like most about your job?
I feel very privileged to work on something that I love. And because a picture is worth more than a thousand words, being able to capture all the emotions and feelings that would never escape the memory motivates me to continue and want to improve every day.

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You have recently been in Brazil teaching a photography course, what was the experience? What it was?
It has been an amazing experience, a dream come true. My first workshops and also internationally. I’ve been in 3 cities (Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) teaching courses on female portrait to photographers and how we can be able to activate our creativity.

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As a working tool, how do you evaluate the TEYA PROJECT harness? What would you highlight about it?
I feel very comfortable; to work at weddings is perfect. I work with fixed focal lenses, because to carry two cameras ready is very important to me to not miss a single detail. It is very resistant and is very “cool” 🙂

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Podéis seguir su trabajo en su web, así como en facebook e instragram

Gracias Graciela por compartir con nosotros tu trabajo, te deseamos muchos éxitos :)

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